Photo captured by Amanda Barker, Vivitography

March 21, 2010

Blake 7 months!

A few days ago, Blake turned 7 months old.  It's hard to believe that the time has already gone so quickly.  Now that Cade is grown (2.5 is grown to me), it's really made me look at having a baby in a whole new light.  I really, really don't want Blake to grow up.  He is a very laid-back, easy-going baby and always seems to be smiling or talking, squealing or spitting.  Unlike with Cade, I haven't constantly looked forward to the next milestone.  I have seen how quickly a baby can turn into a toddler and a toddler into a preschooler.  I am just fine with Blake being a baby.  In fact, it makes me sad that one day he won't be a baby.  Yes, I still look forward to the days when Cade and Blake are playing baseball and soccer and Bradley can take them camping.  But, for now, I will savor every moment that I have with my littlest one until he gets too old to want to cuddle or be held or asks me to "get down."  I may just go wake him up so I can hold him.  :)