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April 3, 2011

Prayer List for Surgery

As Bradley's surgery is very quickly approaching (a little more than 24 hours away), there are some things we would like prayer for, if you feel led to pray for us in this way.

1. A successful surgery with no complications that will improve Bradley's pressure in his heart and lungs

2. Wisdom for the doctors, nurses, and others involved, especially in regards to his pacemaker leads (wires) in his heart

3. An undeniable peace that surpasses all understanding for Bradley, myself, our boys, and our family and friends; freedom from anxiety, fear, and worry - Philippians 4:6-7

4. A speedy recovery - managing pain, physical healing of his body

5. That I receive a supernatural spirit of service for my family during the recovery time (Bradley will not be able to lift more than 3 pounds or drive for 2 months)

6. That our sons, Cade and Blake, may adjust to their time away from us and that they may somehow come to know Jesus through this

7. That above all else, God's will be done in this and through this!!

I just realized that I haven't really specifically posted what is going to be done during this surgery, so if you're interested, this is for free. :) During the surgery, they are going to 1) widen an area of obstruction that is causing the high pressures, 2) do a procedure called an ablation that will help with his atrial flutter, and 3) possibly extract his pacemaker leads or add a second set of leads. It's not likely that they'll have to do much with the leads.

If you would like more information about visitation or anything else, feel free to email me -

Thank you for reading this and for your prayers.

In Him,

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